Inspiration Fall 2010We would like to acknowledge Human Resources Unlimited (HRU hru.org) of Massachusetts for their continued devotion to the clubhouse model. Their tireless efforts have not gone un noticed by us or the community at large.

Founded in 1970, Human Resources Unlimited (HRU) is a private, non-profit organization that connects individuals who are disadvantaged or disabled to their community. Through HRU, these individuals can participate in social opportunities, vocational training, and practical skill building. HRU is also a staffing service with a social mission providing qualified, reliable and motivated employees to over 100 area employers while simultaneously creating employment opportunities for its program members. On an annual basis, HRU programs help over 1,500 individuals with disabilities use and develop their skills, earn wages, and contribute to the community as proud members of the workforce. The organization has offices and programs in Springfield, Westfield, Northampton, and Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Keep up the great work guys.

Business People 112Encouraging Businesses to Donate to your Cause: Hints, tips and ideas.

Coming up with new and innovative ways to help your community in this economy may seem hard, but it's really not. All you need do is use a little creativity.

All businesses want one thing, new and returning customers. If you approach them with a plan to bring more of the right customers to their door they will usually embrace your ideas.

One idea is to ask them to donate gift cards, or coupons to be raffled off. Most will be delighted to participate because they know that patrons will more than likely spend more than the card or coupon is worth (it's almost guaranteed).
Before committing to this effort you may be required to get a permit from your city hall. They will know what their procedures are.

Credit CardSome stores may simply donate the cards or coupons. The important thing for you to remember when approaching the store owner or manager is the following: Most have little or no budget for donations, even if it is a tax write off. However, many have budgets for marketing. Therefore, you would approach them from a strictly marketing point of view. Explain the marketing benefits to them. Be sure to have these benefits clearly outlined of your brochures which you hand them explaining how this will help get word out about what they have to offer.

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