PENS & BRUSHESThere are thousands of talented writers and artists currently housed in the hundreds of jails and prisons across the United States. Most have nothing to look forward to but a life of more incarceration. Having the ability to become a published author or artist can make all the difference in an incarcerated person's life.

An unfortunate fact about those incarcerated is that they have very few programs made available which serve as a platform for them to improve the quality of their lives once released.

The fact that most incarcerated men and women are released from jail without any means of supporting themselves is all to common. They either enter the same life as when arrested or worse. If they had something to look forward to; something which could help prevent them from returning to a life of crime, then both they themselves and society as a whole would benefit greatly from it.

As part of its Hope And Support Community, The Foundation's Creative Expressions Program helps incarcerated authors and artists get published. Using volunteers, and current web based technologies we accept, prepare, and publish the literary and artistic works of those behind bars.

If you know of an incarcerated person with literary or artistic drawing talent contact us with their full name, inmate number and address, and we'll write them.


Here are some of the books our incarcerated authors have written:

Alex: First Wave   Just Call Me Foster   A Hustler's Game   Embrace All Of Me


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