Welcome to the "My Driver" program page. The My Driver program is a fund raising effort for our organization. It is also specifically designed to help our community by providing volunteers an opportunity to do good while improving the quality of their lives in the process.
The way it works is by leveraging the power of carpooling. Using their own vehicles, which they themselves drive (they cannot have someone else driving their car while engaged in this program), members of our organization donate carpool time.
We do provide our drivers with penny for penny reimbursement for gas and tolls (as long as they can provide us with valid receipts) as well as a small stipend to help cover the costs of wear and tear on their vehicle (drivers are responsible for paying taxes on any stipend received).

We consider all of our drivers as volunteers not employees or independent contractors. We are therefore NOT responsible (held harmless) for their volunteer participation in this program.

While we do attempt to use best judgment when choosing drivers, we do NOT perform criminal or other background checks on them. Ours is a second chance orientated organization and therefore provides the opportunity for members to start with a clean slate to engage in our various programs.
When said programs involves assisting the elderly, physically and/or mentally disadvantaged, or individuals under 18 years old (including various other situations), safety systems in accordance with our Bylaws are put in place to protect all involved.

As a driver, we encourage you to set up your own website and put your first name after the "My Driver" program name (example: My Driver – Sally, or Neil etc.). You may even want to have business cards printed up to help promote your carpool service to generate more donation to our organization. We do not pay for or reimburse drivers for such, or other advertising/marketing expenses.
Keep in mind that you will be paid a stipend in addition to your gas and tolls expenses, so for some, this could be a sideline to your regular job.
The stipend drivers receive is a 30%/70% split (drivers receiving the 30%) after no less than 10 rides have been completed. If less than 10 rides have been completed, no stipend is given until that amount is reached.

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