1Ever wonder why most convicted felons commit new crimes and end up back in prison? The answer is simple. They are released back into the exact same living environments with no job.

Our solution? The Hope Retreat.

This sprawling campus-style retreat will feature an administration building, state-of-the-art vocational school, housing (for 48 ex-convicts to start), stores, a post office, salon, fire and security building, small live stock farm, and church building.
The entire retreat will be self sufficient using the latest in solar and bio-friendly technologies.

The vocational school will be the center of all activities. Ex-convicts (both men and women) will be allowed to enter the retreat (for the one year program) directly from incarceration upon release (whether on parole/probation or not). Acceptance into the retreat will be on a case by case basis.

We plan to locate the Hope Retreat someplace secluded where there is a lot of sunlight (for solar power) such as the desert. This retreat will serve both as a safe place for ex–convicts to prepare a new life for themselves, as well as a model for alternative energy.

Rather than having ex-convicts moving into their old neighborhoods and continuing their criminal endeavors (claiming new innocent victims along the way), they will live in a place far removed and - doing everything possible to help them become responsible members of society.

We are currently raising funds for this project (the land upon which to build the retreat). Any donations will be appreciated.

Here are a few images of what the “retreat” might look like.



Mall Building (Post Office, Clothing Store, Hair Salon. Barber Shop, Shoe/Clothing Store, Dinning, Groceries, etc.)

Quad Area

Resident Housing Area (48 Buildings - Each with Living Space for 4 Apartments; Totaling 192 Residents)


Church & Recreation Building



Farm Building (Chickens/Hens, Pigs, Goats, Sheep etc.


Red Cross

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Child Protection